WRAL Exhibition Rules


1. The League requires no commission on regular exhibits; however, some venues such as Arvada United Methodist Church, Big Sky Espresso, and Lutheran Hospital, do set their own commission. When commission is required, it should be included in the selling price of the artwork.
2. All paintings are to be originals, not prints or copies, suitably framed, with screw eyes and wire on the back. Sawtooth holders are not acceptable.
3. All paintings must be labeled on the back with title of the piece, your name, address and/or phone number, medium and price.
4. Art League cards, appropriately filled out, are to be displayed on the front of the paintings. Your personal card may be affixed to the back of the work, but the Art League card is the only card that is acceptable on the front. Art League cards are to be used only at League shows. No cards under the glass.
5. The show chairman may reject sub-standard or objectionable subject matter or framing that does not conform to these rules.
6. Each member should keep a record of where his or her work is exhibited. Some show places specify that a work be shown just once.
7. City and State sales taxes are to be added to the artwork at the time of sale. Sales taxes are the responsibility of the artist.
8. Report sales to the show chairperson. If you are contacted by a buyer and sell a painting, you may put another up in its place; give your chairperson the information.
9. Most places do not offer insurance. If concerned, arrange your own. We've been lucky!
10. Each exhibitor is responsible for his own paintings. Unless prior arrangements have been made, each exhibitor failing to pick up paintings will be fined $1.00 each, payable to the exhibit chairman or the person who picks up the paintings. After the first day, a storage charge of $1.00 per painting per day will be levied. If prior arrangements are made with another exhibiting member to haul paintings, a fee of $.50 per painting will be paid to that member.