No meeting in December. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 9. Social Mixer 6:45 pm, business meeting at 7 pm, and demo at 7:30 pm.

WRAL now meets on the second Tuesday of the month, at the Wheat Ridge Grange, 3850 High Court, Wheat Ridge, CO. (Check out the meeting page for a map.)

Welcome new members: Welcome new members: Jim Koch and Jed Wack

Reminder... It's Time for Echter's Holiday Art Show!

Sat. Nov 9 - Sun. 17 at Echter's Garden Center, 5150 Garrison, Arvada. Reception and Awards  Sat. Nov 9, 1-3pm.
This is always such a wonderful show and perfect for Christmas shopping!Fabulous Christmas gifts and decorations in Echter's, and  BE-AU-TI-FUL  Glassworks gifts!

October Demo - Robert Spooner

The Wheat Ridge Art League was Honored to have an oil painting demo by Talented and Award Winning artist Robert Spooner. All members were truly Impressed with his PASSION for art and painting.

We were mesmerized as he conveyed his message to "have the Freedom of Expression from within yourself. Also Experiment, Create New each time, and Move Forward". "Make your work about Expression."

Robert sands down each layer of his oil painting and adds more color and texture on top of it, giving it so much depth and richness. His Speedy, Beautiful sketch of his horse was another reminder of the importance of good drawing skills. It was quite an Inspiration to watch and listen to such an Amazing Talent at work!

Robert Gray Watercolor Workshop - Oct 2019

The Wheat ridge Art League had a Wonderful Watercolor Workshop with artist Robert Gray.

First thoughts are Fun, Fast and Loose! We picked up great tips along the way while having a Blast.Bob starts his shadows with blue, then warms it up by adding burnt sienna. This allows you to look into the shadows. Also jump around your painting rather than work in one area at a time. Learn to draw quickly, and watch and use negative spaces to improve accuracy. When drawing people , make their heads small and do not include feet. Painting with Quick , Loose strokes expresses spontaneity and action.

Most of all bring your sense of humor, and "HAVE FUN"!